I am Palestine


What we set out to do:

I Am Palestine was the sixth in a series of exhibitions by Rogue Foundation featuring the work of children in conflict zones around the world, expanding on I Am Haiti, I Am Afghanistan, I Am Syria, I am New York and I Am Congo.  I Am Palestine was a collaboration with the wonderful organization Beyond The Armor whose combined energy made the exhibition a great success. 

In February, 2015 we completed the I Am Palestine art project with the children of the Dheisheh refugee camp at Laylac Center,  a progressive community-based organization supporting children though creativity projects.

The children of Deheisheh in Palestine’s West Bank have never seen the Sea, even though it is only an hour drive away.

The children were invited invited to express themselves for the first time with colors and paint what they imagined the sea looks like.

Their artwork was exhibited at Rogue Space | Chelsea and was a major success realizing more than $10,000 in sales,  100% of which was returned to Laylac Center in purchased art and computer supplies.  

We asked the children to express and create and in return they had an exhibition of their work in the center of the art world in Chelsea, and they realized the acquisition of art supplies which they are still using today.   It was a success that they experienced and an event we hope will inspire them to reach for further successes in life through imagination and creativity.

Given the impossibility of shipping such a large quality of materials to Palestine, we literally carried everything in huge cargo bags by hand and delivered them in person to the children.   We became art mules!  In the video below you can experience their joy at the success of their project.

I am Palestine was a collaboration between Rogue Foundation and Beyond the Armor, a non-profit organization created by a group of artists and activists who are passionate about spreading the message of world peace through art, creating communication and acceptance by removing cultural biases one at the time. 

What we accomplished:


Delivering art supplies to the children of palestine



Promotional video for the children's exhibition at Rogue space